Monday, March 28, 2011

ants in jar...

ak nk bg thu ak bru je bt stat hobi bru...
ak nk bela semut lam balang
nk try je dlu
org kter snang
tiap2 ari ltak 3 ketul gule lam balang..
klo mampos x pyah ssh nk tnam
bia je lam balang tu

Saturday, March 26, 2011

permulaan kepada pengakhiran

okay today i wanna tel u all sumthing
eh apsal ak speaking lg ni
ak nk bgthu korang
xsigment psl english da abis
tp ak akn tros continue blog ni
in bahasa melayu lak
tp kdg2 la selit english sket
dwibahasa la kter kn

Thursday, March 17, 2011

question 5 (english class)

5. do you like writing blog
-erm like it !!!
- but sometime i feel so lazy to update it.. he3

i love bloging

>> what is the importance of blog writing in relevance to english for IT course
- give more experience in bloging and multimedia thing
- i can practice my writing skill and learn new thing
- it also give me more knowledge in many thing such as how to decorate my blog

>>do you agree that blog writing skill can aid in improving your writing skill ? 
- do you think what type of answer that i will give to you
  of course my answer is YES....
-some time it help me to improve my english writing skill

>>state your reason
- it help me to improve my writing skill because still at lower level
- i have learn a lot of thing by writing this blog

p/s: i will continue my bloging, because i feel i love bloging now.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

question 4 (english class)

4. do you think you have improved your communication skills by now
- a little bit
- i still need a lot of practice not just by attend this class n do the exsignment
- i should find more experience in writting and communication

>>how was different from your previous experience?
- increase my confident level
- i know how to communicate when i faces people out there
- open my mind about resume,interview and many more
- i know what i should do when i wanna find job or to make a presentation
- no more red face (ashamed) and shaking leg (nervous) when i make a presentation

>>what was the most difficult experience you have encountered in improving yourself
- when i have to speak in spontaneous
- i have to fight my mind when i must do that
- i have to push myself, to be more strong and cover my nervous
- i also have to make my viewer feel entertain when they watch my presentation

>>what contributing factor you thing have helped you the most
- Allah ( he give me a brain that i can use to do all this thing)
- myself ( if i am a lazy person i will not do all this thing)
- my parent( the always support me from behind)
- my lecture( "madam as" of course, with out her maybe i still cannot got my knowledge in english communication
-my friend (although laugh to me when i speak in english, they still inspire me)

p/s: thank to for those who help me....

question 3 (english class) much new knowledge i have learn in this english for i.t subject
-i tell you, i got a lot of knowledge
- it teach me how to be confident when i present
-how to attend an interview and how to manage it

>>how do the lesson equip you for my career?
-in interview session i have learn a lot of thing, what i should do, what i should not do, and many more
-it also make me feel confidence when i wanna communicate with other person
-improve my skill in communication
-i hope it will help me, when i wanna find my job soon

>>do you recommend this subject to other course to learn and why?
- of course i will
- its teach me to be confident when i wanna talk, speak, communicate, attend interview and many more thing
-for those who take this course it will make our future more bright because we already have preparation in how to face communication skill
-other course should try it...

p/s: make a right decision....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

awesome presentation

while i make my exsigment i have found this video
just enjoy it....

click this link to watch this funny video...

question 2 (english class)

2.presentation experience
- i have a lot of experienses in presentation but i will not forget i of my experience. it is when i wanna enter UITM, it have an interview at that time and i have to explain what i have draw since i was child, i so nervous at that time but still i can control it and that to god i pass that interview
im not a serious person

>>crucial step
    -do some reseach about what will we present
    -grab some confident with doing some rehersal
    -talk in front of the mirror and we can see our nervous face..
    -know and search the main point
    -also make some note or small note so we will not forget what we will present

>>valuable experience that i have gained
   - like i said before interview to enter UITM are the most valuable experience that i ever had
   -in that presentation i know my weakness
   -i know where i will go in net 10 years
   -they also slang my drawing
   -i know i must improve more skill in my drawing
   -from that time i know, we must prepare what we wanna do..

>>biggest mistake
   - when i dont have any preparation to present my presentation, i just know the main title, so i just "goreng" that presentation and with some humor the viewer still love it although some time it ran away from main topic..

>>how to improve it
- actually with presentation experiance also we can improve skill
-always make some practice
-watch other or expert presentation and try to be like them

p/s: no p/s today.... hak3

Monday, February 21, 2011

question 1 (english class)

oh hello there
first question....
enjoy...... opinion about English for IT course i have take this semester ?

-i think it will be help me to me to prove my english communication
-it make me know that its very important to us to speak other language
-give me more experience for me to study in my second favourite subject

 >>importances of effective comunication
    -easy for me to get the job
    -it will make people understand what i try to tell them
    -no more misunderstanding

>>how i improve my communication skill
   -listen english song and i will try to search the meaning of that song and always did that
   -speak in english with my friend and even with family although they don't like the way i speak to them (i always make some mistake when i speak with them hik3)
   -spend my time with reading english papers or anything that use english language

>>do u thing this course will help u
  - of course it will help me
  - i also will get more experience in learning english language
  - u know what this subject teach me how to manage myself when we wanna communicate with other person

p/s: speak and speak and keep speaking......

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

second post...

my second post
but still not about my english blog....
just wanna u enjoy it all

have u enjoy it???

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i love english subject...

what up and what down...

in section 2
this blog is for my english subject (ENG263)... :)
like i say,
i love english subject damn much
idk why but i like it so much
for my 1st class today 
not bad
its so awesome with beautiful lecturer  (Madam Naszdatun Asma )
i know her
i like the way she teach n the way she talk

p/s: i hope this subject will be the best subject in this semester