Monday, February 21, 2011

question 1 (english class)

oh hello there
first question....
enjoy...... opinion about English for IT course i have take this semester ?

-i think it will be help me to me to prove my english communication
-it make me know that its very important to us to speak other language
-give me more experience for me to study in my second favourite subject

 >>importances of effective comunication
    -easy for me to get the job
    -it will make people understand what i try to tell them
    -no more misunderstanding

>>how i improve my communication skill
   -listen english song and i will try to search the meaning of that song and always did that
   -speak in english with my friend and even with family although they don't like the way i speak to them (i always make some mistake when i speak with them hik3)
   -spend my time with reading english papers or anything that use english language

>>do u thing this course will help u
  - of course it will help me
  - i also will get more experience in learning english language
  - u know what this subject teach me how to manage myself when we wanna communicate with other person

p/s: speak and speak and keep speaking......

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