Wednesday, February 23, 2011

question 2 (english class)

2.presentation experience
- i have a lot of experienses in presentation but i will not forget i of my experience. it is when i wanna enter UITM, it have an interview at that time and i have to explain what i have draw since i was child, i so nervous at that time but still i can control it and that to god i pass that interview
im not a serious person

>>crucial step
    -do some reseach about what will we present
    -grab some confident with doing some rehersal
    -talk in front of the mirror and we can see our nervous face..
    -know and search the main point
    -also make some note or small note so we will not forget what we will present

>>valuable experience that i have gained
   - like i said before interview to enter UITM are the most valuable experience that i ever had
   -in that presentation i know my weakness
   -i know where i will go in net 10 years
   -they also slang my drawing
   -i know i must improve more skill in my drawing
   -from that time i know, we must prepare what we wanna do..

>>biggest mistake
   - when i dont have any preparation to present my presentation, i just know the main title, so i just "goreng" that presentation and with some humor the viewer still love it although some time it ran away from main topic..

>>how to improve it
- actually with presentation experiance also we can improve skill
-always make some practice
-watch other or expert presentation and try to be like them

p/s: no p/s today.... hak3

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