Tuesday, March 1, 2011

question 3 (english class)

3.how much new knowledge i have learn in this english for i.t subject
-i tell you, i got a lot of knowledge
- it teach me how to be confident when i present
-how to attend an interview and how to manage it

>>how do the lesson equip you for my career?
-in interview session i have learn a lot of thing, what i should do, what i should not do, and many more
-it also make me feel confidence when i wanna communicate with other person
-improve my skill in communication
-i hope it will help me, when i wanna find my job soon

>>do you recommend this subject to other course to learn and why?
- of course i will
- its teach me to be confident when i wanna talk, speak, communicate, attend interview and many more thing
-for those who take this course it will make our future more bright because we already have preparation in how to face communication skill
-other course should try it...

p/s: make a right decision....

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