Thursday, March 17, 2011

question 5 (english class)

5. do you like writing blog
-erm like it !!!
- but sometime i feel so lazy to update it.. he3

i love bloging

>> what is the importance of blog writing in relevance to english for IT course
- give more experience in bloging and multimedia thing
- i can practice my writing skill and learn new thing
- it also give me more knowledge in many thing such as how to decorate my blog

>>do you agree that blog writing skill can aid in improving your writing skill ? 
- do you think what type of answer that i will give to you
  of course my answer is YES....
-some time it help me to improve my english writing skill

>>state your reason
- it help me to improve my writing skill because still at lower level
- i have learn a lot of thing by writing this blog

p/s: i will continue my bloging, because i feel i love bloging now.....

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