Tuesday, March 1, 2011

question 4 (english class)

4. do you think you have improved your communication skills by now
- a little bit
- i still need a lot of practice not just by attend this class n do the exsignment
- i should find more experience in writting and communication

>>how was different from your previous experience?
- increase my confident level
- i know how to communicate when i faces people out there
- open my mind about resume,interview and many more
- i know what i should do when i wanna find job or to make a presentation
- no more red face (ashamed) and shaking leg (nervous) when i make a presentation

>>what was the most difficult experience you have encountered in improving yourself
- when i have to speak in spontaneous
- i have to fight my mind when i must do that
- i have to push myself, to be more strong and cover my nervous
- i also have to make my viewer feel entertain when they watch my presentation

>>what contributing factor you thing have helped you the most
- Allah ( he give me a brain that i can use to do all this thing)
- myself ( if i am a lazy person i will not do all this thing)
- my parent( the always support me from behind)
- my lecture( "madam as" of course, with out her maybe i still cannot got my knowledge in english communication
-my friend (although laugh to me when i speak in english, they still inspire me)

p/s: thank to for those who help me....

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